About us

Who are we?

GRILLIFILMS, founded in 2007, was a happy marriage of two production houses, Elohopea-Filmi and Filmitalli. It started as the home of the best directors and producers in Finland, and its mission was to produce the best commercial films possible.

Grillifilms is now much more than just a commercial film production company, but we still remain the creative power house of passionate and experienced filmmakers. We understand good storytelling, we listen to the client and cooperate with the creatives. Our focus is on producing quality content for different digital medias.

We are a helsinki based commercial film production company which values fair competition, equality, honesty and respect for others.


We will scout and find the best director, the coolest location and the most creative team for your production, be it big or small, taking place in Finland or around the globe.

One of our values is EQUALITY. We are constantly on the lookout for talented filmmakers, and we have a special eye on female directors, and directors whose background is in different cultures. 

Do you need help in STORYTELLING or in writing a script? Our producers will help you to find the best creative for your story.

Our expertise lies in the depth of knowledge in the industry, understanding brands, paying attention to details and most importantly: working with us is fun!


Cannes Gold Lion 1

Vuoden huiput, Adprofit 4

Voitto 14

Pole Dancing contest in Bali - First place

CLIO awards, Cresta 1

Epica 1

Fishing contest in Arabia - First Place

FINA WSC Palma De Mallorca 1993 - Bronze

Production services

We dedicate to providing a full production support service to film production and stills shoots in whole of Finland. We give you access to the top filming locations, the best crew and equipment knowledge, and facilitate your shoot in every way.  

Helsinki is the movie capital of Finland where most of the best crew and equipment are based.   Our favorite place to shoot though, is Lapland. When it comes to shooting in snow, ice and cold, car and automotive related, we have gained a lot of know-how by servicing several international film crews. The feature film WAR also involved us taking care of tax rebate process together with Business Finland.

“Once we found the location and the great production team in Finland to handle the scale we were looking for, our choice was made for us. Considering that Finland is a relatively small country population-wise, it´s amazing that we found a crew so professional and organized. We worked in over 7 countries for this film, and the Finnish crew gave us one of the most brilliant experiences working abroad we ever had. Finland´s conditions were quite challenging during the winter, but our crew was well-equipped and prepared.”

– Director of the movie WAR, mr Siddhart Anand from Yash Raj Films.

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