Are you our next superstar? Grilli is looking for a new intern.

We encourage young people to apply for internship. In the history of Grillifilms we have had over 30 interns, from different countries and backgrounds. We try to see the passion in each and everybody, and help you to find it, too. Based on our experience, students from media schools get the most out of their time with us.
Internship at Grillifilms is usually a three month period, with a monthly bonus and lunch benefit. But the best thing we can offer you, is mentorship and a great window to the industry. From your side we hope to have a person with great attitude and curious mind.

After our babies leave the nest we keep a close eye on their careers. Many have found their place in the business, and Grilli internship is a nice credit under your belt.

Got tickles? Send us an email about yourself attached with a motivational letter to:

“In 2017 I had the privilege to be working in Grillifilms as a trainee. I was very excited about the new experience and giving my best to contribute to them.

There I was warmly welcomed as part of a family, in a very professional, creative, and friendly environment. I felt very motivated in the office and shootings by the uplifting energy of the super talented and hard-working team. In Grillifilms I felt that they value your talents and trust you, even if you make some mistakes sometimes. There you will learn a lot doing high-quality business and also having fun while doing it.

They did their best to give me amazing opportunities and exciting challenges, supporting my career choices and helping me develop professionally to prepare me for the market in the future. Some of my best memories were the good vibes from the office, the Snellman shooting in Pietarsaari, and especially the highlight is the film I got to direct in Lapland.
I will always be grateful to all of them! -Daniel Mayer

“Practical training at Grillifilms was a valuable step for my search of a career path. Grillifilms came at a time when I was feeling a bit lost in my idea what to do after university graduation. During my internship I was able to experience various aspects of production and see for myself what I find more compelling and interesting. 

Since I studied TV and Film in UK, I didn’t have an understanding of how production work is arranged in Finland. Grillifilms was my window to an industry that seemed unreachable and confusing.
I’m really grateful to a team of Grillifilms for being my mentors!”
-Diana Kamaletdinova