Grilli loves – Nomadland film review

We arranged a private screening to see the film Nomadland. First of all during these challenging times the feeling of being in an actual movie theatre was overly joyful. Something all of us had been desperately waiting for. So as a tip for people in Helsinki – before we are allowed to go to the movies normally you can book cinema Orion privately for yourselves.

Nomadland – Bringing humanity back to the film scene

This film touched us deeply. Here are our comments and thoughts:

“Nomadland provides a window into a world that questions the importance of capitalism and career-orientation as a source for people’s well-being. Approval and success is being replaced by a connection to nature and the right to one’s own choices. Inadvertently, the film takes a stand politically on the 2008 banking crisis and the American pension system. The combination of fiction and truth-based material gives credibility a whole new perspective.” –Petteri

“I am enchanted by Chloé Zhao’s ability to use untrained actors to tell the movie’s fact-based tale. A method she also used in her previous movie The Rider (2017) which I also loved VERY much.” –Katja

“The music by the great composer Ludovico Einaudi plays through the entire story. It brings to life small hidden emotions, and emphasizes scenes in an unbelievable way. “Oltremare” carved it’s way to my soul.” –Ronja

“I fell in love with the intimate connection Chloe Zhao built between the viewer and the characters. The thoughtful and contemplative style was wonderfully different. The music paved a way to another part of my heart in addition to the truth-based stories. Truly moving.” –Gabriella



“I have always found goodness in the people I met, everywhere I went in the world.”

Chloé Zhao.