Latest – February 2021

Here are a few of our latest works.

Kotipizza El Nacho & Kotipizza Christmas Shopping are from the series of commercial films we produced for pizza restaurant chain Kotipizza. Kotipizza loves to deliver humorous message and the best pizza there is.
Director Olli Rönkä, DoP Jean-Noël Mustonen, Creative Agency N2. is an independent website comparing webstore prices. Youtube films were directed by Kari Ketonen and produced by Petteri Lehtinen. Creative Agency Make It Simple.

Ladyvita is a multivitamin brand created for Finnish women. This campaign includes films and stills. Director Miikka Lommi, DoP Johan Wasicki, Still Photography Vuokko Salo, Producer Katja Jokinen. Creative Agency LM Someco.

Radio Rock tells a true story of how their radio hosts and listeners found rock music, and how music inspires them. Director Miikka Lommi, DoP Tuomas Järvelä, Producer Katja Jokinen. Creatives Akseli Kouvo & Antti Salminen from 358 .

Isku has created office furniture for employers who care about their employees. ”Health Station” was directed by Klaus Härö, a two-time feature film Oscar candidate for Finland. DoP Hena Blomberg F.S.C., Producer Hanna Tuovio. Copywriter / Creative Lead Markku Rönkkö.

Snellman E-film is about meat manufacturer, who has reduced E-preservatives from their products, in order to achieve more natural meat products.

Tuoreketju aka ”Fresh All the Way” is a simple demonstration of how raw meat is packed to keep it fresh – all the way. Director Olli Rönkä, DoP Jean-Noël Mustonen, Set Designer Markus Packalén, Producer Hanna Tuovio. Copywriter / Creative Lead Markku Rönkkö.