Vesala’s “Uu mama” music video takes a stand against age discrimination experienced by women

In music videos you don’t really see middle aged or older women presented in a positive way. So we together with director Miikka Lommi and artist Paula Vesala wanted to lift and celebrate these women. To make them visible. We had a great, heartfelt shooting day on a hot summer day with 40 woman who all were over the age of 35.

One of the most memorable comments we got from the women dancing in the video was this: When she was younger she never had the courage to take part in castings, and now that she is in her fifties, she finally had the chance and she was just loving it. She never thought that it would still be possible to live out the dream in this kind of a way.

“Uu mama was born against age discrimination, but with joy. Women that are over middle age are constantly criticized for their looks, actions and how they dress. This is an attempt to control and narrow the space for women on their being, how they appear work and live. Uu mama was born out of love for all sorts of women who show the middle finger on commentators and live their own lives just as full as they want. ” Vesala says. (Rumba magazine 15.2 2022)

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